Water Conservation

Water conservation is the primary reason for an automatic irrigation system.  Every inch of your property will have even coverage and distribution of water, and the watering will be timed and calibrated to ensure there will be no wasted water.

The time of day is also important; we recommend that our systems run between the hours of 3:00 AM and 8:00 AM.  This eliminates evaporation of water to the sun, and more seriously, scorching.  Also, wind is at a daytime low so all water lands on "target."  Another factor that makes this the best time to water is that it eliminates leaving your turf wet overnight.  When you water in the late afternoon or early evening, you produce an environment that promotes fungus and mildew.  Water pressure is also at it's peak in early morning hours.  Finally, there is also little chance of any kind of tripping injury to anyone once the sprinkler head has retracted back into the ground.

An A & Q Lawn Sprinkler system is safe, efficient, and quiet.

What are the advantages of an automatic sprinkler system?

How many times have you forgotten to water your lawn, then over watered, only to end up with brown spots and muddy puddles?  A sprinkler system provides scheduled, automatic, measured water distribution to the entire yard, every time.

An automatic sprinkler system takes the work and worry out of watering your lawn
You can forget about tripping over hoses or sprinklers, fixing leaky faucets and hauling hoses around the yard.

Greener lawns and gardens
Hose-end products simply cannot match the performance of a properly installed and configured irrigation system.  Adjustable sprinklers allow you to fine-tune coverage and minimize waste.

More efficient watering
An automatic system delivers gentle, even watering for a more thorough soaking. There's less runoff and wasted water.

Pop-up sprinklers stay out of sight when not in use.  All you have to do is enjoy your lawn.

Improves your home
Installing an automatic sprinkler system immediately adds value to your home.  It also protects your gardening and landscaping investment and keeps it growing, while saving time and water.



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